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Mobile clinics are the solution to real world situations.
— Tom Szychowicz, CEO


Demountable Concept

This is a next-generation design in mobile clinic outreach. Our demountable system is purposefully engineered with hand-cranked adjustable legs; allowing the unit to sit stabilized, level, and adjustable for any type of terrain. With minimal training, your organization could be set up and running in 20 minutes or less! The stationary clinic can stay onsite as long as needed and then moved to another location. The demountable concept allows a single vehicle to transport and place a multitude of portable clinics!

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Our unique demountable, pod-like clinic is designed to be inserted into the most remote areas. The Portable Clinic in a Box is designed to meet the versatile demands of its surrounding environment. From the concrete jungle to isolated open plains, our portable clinic is suited for each environment without need for alterations.

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Model Types

The Portable Clinic in a Box is available in eight model types and two different sizes. Consider building a customized portable clinic that is specific to your practice’s specialty! Our Portable Clinic in a Box is intentionally crafted to compliment any and all medical specializations.


Empowering those who have devoted their lives to serving the masses with customized, personalized, effective, mobile work spaces to achieve greater productivity in their respective field.

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