PHASE 1: Introductions

In this phase we simply want to learn about you and your organization, what makes it unique from everyone else?  This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and share YOUR organization's desires with us.  We want to dream with you about some of your conceptual ideas, the crazy and realistic ones! Ultimately we want to make sure we both are a right fit for one another and you get an idea of a range of cost.


PHASE 2: The "Preliminary Phase"

By now we’ve been in contact with one another, exchanged “Hello’s”, and are thoroughly introduced. Now, you’ll fill out and submit our questionnaire along with a preliminary fee. You are invested at this point and are now scheduling a conference call so our team can hear YOUR vision.


PHASE 3: Developing & Engineering

You are hiring us at this phase and we are coming to the table with some ideas. We will piece together a plan of action that is reflective of your vision. A follow up conversation will be scheduled for us to present YOUR preliminary plan to you and your team.

Also, within this meeting we will share a Strategic Funding Strategy Session. 


PHASE 4: Construction

We have everything we need to put your project into our production line. We are now putting wheels underneath YOUR vision! You will be receiving progress updates and pictures along the journey, always informed of the current status of your customized unit.


PHASE 5: Delivering Your Unit!

Your customized service unit is complete! We will arrange the meeting between you and your brand new clinic so you can become familiar with one another. Also, we’d love to provide hands-on training for those using your new customized unit to ensure its efficiency and maintenance.



Our Partnership

We know becoming a first time owner can be intimidating and there’s much to learn. Our promise is to best honor our relationship with you by providing ongoing support, help troubleshoot any complications, and celebrate the number of lives impacted by your service!