Our Partners

We partner with a network of companies who generously participate in the work of BUSES International by donating in-kind supplies, monetary funds, services, resources and technical assistance. We are honored to be closely associated with these and other fine businesses and organizations. Please visit their websites to learn more about them. Show your support and thank them for their commitment and generosity with BUSES International.

We partner with many supporters - large and small - who financially contribute to BUSES International and our various projects. Each one is valued and important to us! We are grateful for supporting churches, businesses and families who contribute substantially to further our mission and we thank God for their commitment and partnership with us.

We partner with some amazing ministries and non-profits that value life and actively care for people in need. These organizations are on the frontlines of outreach in the United States and around the world. Their mission, integrity and dedication are why BUSES International partners with them. We have come alongside them to help them go mobile with their outreach efforts. These are just some of the recipients of our mobile clinics, service units and other projects. Please show your support and encourage them in their mission. They are our heroes.