Our Leaders

Tom and Lee Szychowicz Rev. Thomas (Tom) and Elizabeth (Lee) Szychowicz, RN

Tom and Lee have been serving with the ministry since 1990. Tom is a commercial electrician by trade and has extensive engineering, construction and mechanical experience. He is affectionately known as "MacGyver" because of his special gifts and skills.

Tom serves as BUSES International's Chief of Operations and Coordinator of our Mobile Clinic Development Department. Tom also serves as an Officer on our Board of Directors. He enjoys playing the guitar and bass guitar, and has vast skills and experience as a sound technician.

Tom's wife, Lee, is a Registered Critical Care Nurse and serves as BUSES International's Nurse Coordinator. She oversees our volunteers who have a medical background, evaluates and inspects donated medical equipment to ensure it is working properly and evaluates medical supplies to ensure proper quality, sterility and usage, etc.

They have been married since 1982 and have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

Todd and Tammi RaineyRev. Todd and Tammi Rainey

Todd and Tammi have been serving with BUSES International since 2003. Todd is an ordained minister and had over 11 years of Pastoral experience before joining BUSES International.

Todd continues to be a featured speaker at many retreats and conferences and has preached nationally and internationally in churches of all sizes and denominations. He has been called, "A Master Storyteller", because of his unique ability to make Biblical stories come alive. His preaching and impacting presentation of the Gospel makes him an ideal speaker for all ages. He currently serves on the Board of Antioch International Ministries.

Todd serves as BUSES International's Director of Administration, Coordinator of our Outreach Department and Coordinator of our Special Projects. Todd also serves as an Officer on our Board of Directors.

Todd's wife, Tammi, is a Registered Nurse and ministers in music and song. Todd and Tammi have been married since 1993.

Norm and Nancy BeetlerRev. Dr. Norman and Nancy Beetler (retired)

Norm and Nancy founded BUSES International in 1988. Norm is an ordained minister and a graduate of Mount Vernon Bible College. Norm received his Doctorate of Divinity from The Methodist Episcopal Church. The Beetlers were pastors for 27 years in Ohio and California before stepping out in faith to start this ministry. Norm was a member of the National Clergy Council and has served on numerous boards, councils and committees during his years of ministry. Norm has extensive national and international preaching experience as well.

Psalm 113:7, 'He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill', is one of the verses God used to mold the hearts of Norm and Nancy Beetler, thus shaping the focus of this ministry. God chose the Beetlers because of their integrity in character, their sensitivity of heart and their faithfulness to His Word. God used them to change our world. So many people have been personally impacted by their personal walk with Christ and the manner in which they served Him.

Norm says, "Building the mobile clinics and sending them to poor countries has brought us our greatest joy. Jesus was certainly right when He said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive'."