Our History

Who We Are

In 1988, while serving with a mission team in Mexico, God gave Norman and Nancy Beetler a calling to build a mobile "Shower Bus" after a brief encounter with a little Mexican boy.

In a garbage dump north of Mexico City, this little boy had just received a bath from Nancy who used a five gallon bucket of water. The boy noticed Norm watching him, and when his bath was done, he walked right over to Norm. The boy smiled at Norm and began rubbing his hands up and down his chest. Even without knowing much Spanish, the message was clear: "Hey Mister, look at me! I'm clean!"

Norm couldn't get the image of that little boy out of his mind. In the middle of the night, God woke Norm with a vision of a school bus with a medical clinic inside and huge water tanks in the rear for giving showers. It would be a shower bus for those children living in the garbage dumps of Mexico.

Norm and Nancy returned to Ohio sharing the vision with anyone who would listen. Norm spoke with passion and determination. As people heard the story and the desperate need of the children, they began to give. Soon, the Beetlers had enough funds to construct their very first shower bus, and soon after that, it was delivered to Mexico.

Thus, in a garbage dump way down south in Mexico City, BUSES International was born. BUSES International still operates today in the strength of that original calling of providing ways for people to demonstrate the love of God to those in need.