Board of Directors

Every successful organization needs good leadership and BUSES International is no exception. We are fortunate to have a very capable team of people serving on our Board of Directors. In addition to serving in this important leadership role, we are proud that each of our Board members are active participants in the ministry.

Our Board Members are:

  • Dr. Kevin Krupp, DDS
    Dr. Krupp joined the BUSES International Board in 2007. He has been in General Dentistry since 1988. Dr. Krupp has extensive experience traveling abroad in foreign countries and has used his skills in many medical missions.
  • Mr. James Kody
    Mr. Kody joined the BUSES International Board in 2007. From 1989 to 1993, he attended Bowling Green State University where he earned a Bachelor of Music in Education (Choral/Vocal) degree. He taught in the public school system for two years and was also a classroom instructor at a local Technology Training Center. Since 1990, he has worked in the Technology field as a Technician, troubleshooter and Analyst. Mr. Kody is gifted and anointed Music Minister / Worship Leader for outreach events, conferences and other church-related activities. He serves as the IT Coordinator for BUSES International.
  • Rev. Todd Rainey
    Rev. Rainey has been serving BUSES International since 2003. He is an ordained minister and had over 11 years of Pastoral experience before joining BUSES International. He serves as BUSES's Co-director, Administrator, Coordinator of our Outreach Department and Coordinator of our Special Projects. Rev. Rainey is also the Founder and Director of Antioch International Ministries. He is a featured speaker at many conferences, events, camps and retreats and has preached nationally and internationally in churches and venues of all sizes and denominations. Prior to joining BUSES International, Rev. Rainey worked for 5 years in manufacturing accounting for Invacare Corporation.
  • Mr. Mark Rau
    Mr Rau joined the BUSES International Board in 2010. He has worked in the health industry since 1982 and possesses strong management and leadership qualities. Mr. Rau is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Mercy Health Physicians at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain, Ohio. He is the father of five.
  • Rev. David Sharp, Jr.
    Rev. Sharp joined the BUSES International Board in 2012. He is a licensed minister and has a wide- range of experience serving within the church in a variety of different leadership, ministry and administrative roles. Rev. Sharp also has extensive corporate business experience and currently works as Fleet Operations Manager at AT&T. He is the father of two.
  • Mrs. Judy Steslow
    Mrs. Steslow joined the BUSES International Board in 2011. She and her husband have 29 years of ministry experience as senior pastors. She has extensive experience in coordinating both large and small conferences, retreats, events and mission trips. She is currently attending nursing school, and she is the mother of four.
  • Rev. Thomas Szychowicz
    Rev. Szychowicz started with BUSES International in 1990 in what was supposed to be "helping out a couple of days a week". Needless to say, while working with Norm Beetler during the early years, God put in his heart a passion for the BUSES's vision and a desire to put his skills to work to further that vision. Rev. Szychowicz is a commercial electrician by trade and has extensive engineering, construction, and mechanical experience. He is affectionately known as "MacGyver" because of his special gifts and skills in the areas of mechanics, engineering and fabrication. Rev. Szychowicz serves as BUSESs' Co-director, Coordinator for our Mobile Clinic Development Department and our Graphics Printing Department. He is the father of four.