There are many churches who partner with Mobile Outreach Solutions in a variety of ways:

  • Financially giving a monthly or yearly missions offering;
  • VBS - Making Mobile Outreach Solutions the “Missionary of the Week”
  • Kids Church and Youth Groups - “Change Offerings” - Kids and teens collect loose change for Mobile Outreach Solutions for one month and each week learn about serving others and making a difference in people lives;
  • “Dollar Difference" Offering - Taking up a special offering on a Sunday morning where everyone in the sanctuary gives at least one dollar to the specific Mobile Outreach Solutions need or project;
  • “Move That Bus” Offering - Taking up special offerings to help Mobile Outreach Solutions transport mobile clinics to their target location.

Corporate Sponsorship

There are a variety of ways companies can participate in the projects of Mobile Outreach Solutions:

  • Financial Donations - Corporate giving, company foundation grants;
  • In-Kind Donations;
  • Vehicles - Company vehicles that are no longer needed can be donated to Mobile Outreach Solutions;
  • Approve Mobile Outreach Solutions for Employee automatic withdrawal donations;
  • Approve Mobile Outreach Solutions for Company Matching Funds;
  • Approve Mobile Outreach Solutions for OEM Status thus giving us the ability to order your products at a reduced rate.